EBA 5141 S l C

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EBA 5141 S l C l CC l CCC

Mesin penghancur kertas yang tangguh dan aman EBA PAPER SHREDDER 5141 S adalah mesin penghancur kertas kantor berkapasitas tinggi yang inovatif dengan kontrol kapasitas elektronik dan sistem injeksi oli otomatis untuk kinerja rusak tinggi yang konsisten. Sangat cocok dan ideal bagi Anda yang membutuhkan hasil maksimal dan efisiensi waktu dalam menghancurkan kertas. Dengan jaminan pisau baja khusus dari Jerman selama 5 tahun*, rasakan kenyamanan dan keamanan EBA PAPER SHREDDER 5141 S. Tersedia di PT. Arotech International.

Innovative high capacity office shredder with electronic capacity control and automatic oil injection system for a consistently high shred performance.

SPS – (Safety Protection System) package: patented, electronically controlled, transparent safety flap in the feed opening as additional safety element; EASY-SWITCH – intelligent control element indicating the operational status of the shredder with varying colour codes and back-lit symbols; automatic reverse and power cut-off (avoids paper jams); automatic stop if the shred bin is full; electronic door protection via a magnetic proximity switch; double motor protection; ZERO ENERGY standby mode: Complete, automatic disconnection from power supply after 30 minutes. Photo cell controlled automatic start and stop. Patented ECC – Electronic Capacity Control: indication of the used sheet capacity during shredding process. Automatic oil injection on the cutting shafts during shredding operation for constantly high shred performance. Convenient 405 mm feed opening. High-quality, paper clip proof cutting shafts from special hardened steel with 5 (five) years guarantee (not applicable for models with 0.8 x 12 mm micro cut or 0.8 x 5 mm super micro cut). Strip cut and particle cut models suitable for shredding the most common CDs/DVDs. Quiet but powerful single phase motor for continuous operation. Sturdy chain drive and fully closed gear box housing. High-quality wooden cabinet, mobile on castors. Convenient environmentally-friendly shred bin (no disposable shred bags required).

Quality "Made in Germany"

Insertion width: 405 mm

Volume: 210 litres (cabinet), 165 litres (shred bin)

Power: 230 V / 50 Hz (other voltages available) Motor capacity: 1600 Watt single phase motor

Dimensions: 1010 x 640 x 590 mm (H x W x D)

Weight: 115 kg

Document shredder EBA 5141 S: Strip cut security level P-2

Document shredder EBA 5141 C: Particle cut security level P-4 and P-5

Document shredder EBA 5141 CC: Micro cut 0,8x12 mm security level P-6

Document shredder EBA 5141 CCC:Super micro cut 0,8x5 mm security level P-7 for extremely high security requirements.

EBA 5141 S

Shred size (mm)                                             : 6

Performance sheets (70g/m² | 80g/m²)    : 50-55 | 42-47

Security level (DIN 66399)                            : P-2


EBA 5141 C

Shred size (mm)                                             :4x40

Performance sheets (70g/m² | 80g/m²)    :40-45 | 34-39

Security level (DIN 66399)                            : P-4


EBA 5141 C

Shred size (mm)                                             :2x15

Performance sheets (70g/m² | 80g/m²)    :25-30 | 21-26

Security level (DIN 66399)                            : P-5


EBA 5141 CC

Shred size (mm)                                             :0,8x12

Performance sheets (70g/m² | 80g/m²)    :15-17 | 13-15

Security level (DIN 66399)                            : P-6


EBA 5141 CCC

Shred size (mm)                                             : 0,8x5

Performance sheets (70g/m² | 80g/m²)    :10-11 | 8-9

Security level (DIN 66399)                            : P-7

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