Response Card RF

ResponseCard RF is also the size of a credit card. Its features and functionality to ensure that thousands of responses are transmitted accurately, timely and effortlessly to TurningPoint® presentations.

Response Card RF LCD

ResponseCard RF LCD is the size of a credit card, but with an LCD screen for visual confirmation. Like our standard RF ResponseCards, our LCD model is durable, portable and reliable. Streamlined components and improved speed of responses make this keypad an excellent choice for presenters and participants.

Dual Board

Discover new possibilities to create a dynamic and collaborative environment with DualBoard. The multi-user interactive whiteboard allows two participants or groups the unique opportunity to simultaneously work together anywhere on the surface to control and annotate over content with a whiteboard pen.
Mobi View

Mobi View is a handheld interactive whiteboard featuring a unique 4.3" color LCD touch screen that provides the ability to deliver and control content from anywhere in the room without the need for a computer. 
CPS Pulse

The CPS Pulse was introduced as the replacement to the PRS-RF handset and uses a new radio system.

Touch Board Plus

Get hands-on with instruction and allow participants the freedom to control and annotate content with fingertips. Touch Board Plus allows up to 6 multi-touch points to support collaborative material that utilizes every inch for interaction...
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